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Hi guys,

As some of you know I am preparing to undergo punch floats and dermabrasion at the hands of Dr. Y very soon. If you guys could post what supplements/foods/etc that you believe to aid in wound repair/strong immune system/collagen formation I would be eternally grateful. Thank you so much!

*Misty bb_icon_mrgreen.gif

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Guest Scorpioness

Colostrum is supposed to help with wound healing when taken orally. Also, bromelain, zinc, vitamin C, MSM, glucosamine and more.... I had a really good link awhile back on nutritional support for wound healing. I'll see if I can find it!

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Hi Misty,

I think you know not to take vit. E because it thins the blood too much. Vit C,probably a standard multi and maybe Coenzyme Q10, an anti oxidant, would be good, zinc, selenium at 100 mcg a day<---selenium is esssntial for thyriod hormones which aid in metabolism and, yup, speedier healing. Just NEVER take more than 200 mcg, 100 is plenty...because too much can have adverse effects. Drink lots of water and have adequate protein intake.

Are punch floats good for shallow scars??? what excatly are those, are they the same as punch grafts? Thanx!!! Now i'm considering a light dermabrasion, how mild can it go?? i can't afford much down time so right now I'm going to do mild TCA peels for mostly mild.some moderate scarring.

Hope all goes well Misty! although judging by your pics, these must be microscoipc scars you're treating bb_icon_mrgreen.gif

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