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Has anyone ever heard of this? I came across it through youtube and the idea seems like it could really work well seeing as it removes the bacteria and the core of the acne. I am planning on trying it and will let you know what I think. Im just wondering if anyone else has tried it, it dont seem like a national known product as of now


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it says actually the oppposite about non scarring and it removes all of the bacteria and the core looking for some more opinions im thinkign of ordering this ... it would be wonderful for cystic acne with all of the juice if it could just suck ti out and then heal up

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It doesn't work like that. A powerful suction on a cystic pimple can potentially damage tissue.

When you get a cystic pimple extracted professionally they inject it with something so the swelling goes down,making the chance of damage less.Even then, they don't use suction.

a cystic pimple isn't to be taken lightly. They are what cause those horrible craters in your face.

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Similar devices have been around for decades, and they all claim to be "the best". If they would work, they'd be more popular, I guess. Maybe they work on small pimples that are ready to be extracted, or clogged pores, but I have a hard time believing that you can remove cysts with it, without damaging your skin. I would save my money, but if you really want to try it, check out their 100% guarantee before buying. The website doesn't look very trustworthy to say the least.

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:( guess its just wishful thinking that would be great if it did I get ones popping up and just put the suction on it and slurp it on out and let it heal up... perfect world perfect world lol
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