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im using clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub, gone through my first tube in about 9 days.. not seeing much difference i think, what else should i use? please help, i have shitloads of these laugh.gif , thx in advance

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im pretty sure he teyped it so it woant really don much. wow im not very straight right now so im sorry excuse the typing. i think you should maybe aply something that reduces teh size of pores. i tried an egg yolk mask for a few dayas that seemed to close the pores i guess. best of luck to you. may the good Lord help you through the troubling times.

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used the tube in 9 days...u must be useing a hole lot...i no the neutrogena brand helped for my back with blackheads..it might help with the face

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i used this lil bottle of clean and clear blackhead remover i think its called, its in a purple bottle with clear fluid and it contains SaliyicAcid (spelling??), u just apply it to a cotton ball and then gently wash the areas of your face with blackheads on them with it then wash it off.

it worked well for me but u gotta use it everyday.

it also worked well on my whiteheads, once i popped them i dabbed some of this on the area and it stopped thme coming back up.

and for the religous people, lighten up. bb_icon_rolleyes.gif

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Thanks for the reply. I currently hace Salicylic Acid in my regimen.

Wash with 2% Sa

Pat try and let air dry


Apply bp

Should I use the tape method, would that help any?

I had oily skin, changed my diet and no more oily skin. For me the soda or the junk food I was eating was making my skin oiley, now no more soda or junk food. My main problem is like the area right above my eyes, if you draw a line, in their is my problem area

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I think it might be important to inject here that with exfoliatives, time is better and more important than amount of product.

What I did for my huge blackheads (huge = pencil lead size) was not put any bp there (too much irritation, and also, I had no acne on my nose), and used a SA scrub at night, followed in the morning (after washing) with a Glycolic Acid Toner.

You won't believe what it did for me. If I had a picture of the Before, I would put it up, even just to gross people out.


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