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I am 16 1/2 have had acne since I think 11 ..... It got bad when I was like 13 or so...When I was 13 I had zits all over my forehead...then at about 13 1/2 to 14 I started getting zits on my forehead annnnnnd my cheeks....and on my back...when I got about 15 my forehead started to get less zits but my back and cheeks still got zits.....when I got about 15 1/2 my forehead totally cleared up to 0 zits and redmarks...but my back and cheeks still got them....when I hit 16 the zits on my cheeks and back started to clear up.... now im 16 1/2 and I have no zits on my back and I get like a zit or something on my cheeks every once in a while...but my forhead and back are totaly clear with no zits or redmarks.....

But I hear all these storys about people getting persistant acne when they hit 16 and when they hit there 20's.....or late teens....and im scared that my acne will come back with full force when I hit my late teens.....will this happen to me?

Also.....why do some people have clear skin when I had acne. And are just now getting acne when mine is clearing up......

(remember: I have had acne since around 11....or maybe even when I was 10 but almost 11.... now im 16 and am almost totally cleared up....like 97% cleared up)

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It's impossible to answer that question I'm afraid. Because we don't know the cause of acne, we don't know why some people get acne at some times while others around them stay entirely clear. It could be because the ones with acne have hormonal inbalance, but noone really knows for sure.

As for whether your acne will come back, the best way of telling is by genetics. Ask your brother/sister, parents, grandparents. If it came back for them or if their acne lasted into their late teens, it may come back for you. Equally, if it cleared up for them at 16, there's a good chance you're rid of acne.

Good luck!

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I really wish I knew the answer you were looking for, because I'm looking for it myself. Genetics plays a large role.

I know they like to say diet plays NO role, but a healthy diet, and exercise will improve the overall quality of your health, and acne IS an infection.

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It's possible... And sundyhk congradulations on reaching the end of your acne. smile.gif While people do break out again, it's doubtful you will. Ask your parents to make sure, but about 75-80% of the teens who have had acne usually lose it and never get it again(85% of teens get acne, 20% of adults have acne).

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It's also possible that your acne WILL come back, in the areas that have since cleared up.

When I first started getting acne, the problem was confined to my nose. Then, never anything on my nose, but stuff on my chin and forehead. Then those areas cleared for MONTHS, and the problem was my nose.

Acne is totally unpredictable. However, the future is NOT bright for you. Acne in makes tends to peak between 18-20.

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My dad never had acne.....My mom had acne in her teens then it went away in her early 20's....then when she was 29 and was pregnant with me her acne came back....and then after I was born it went away....and when she has her periods she gets a minor breakout....but when my younger brother was born...she didnt break out.....my grandparents on my dads side never had acne....but my uncle on my dads side had severe acne in his teens then it went away in his early 20's....Im a little confused to as how my genes are.....Im a male and males do not get periods or get pregnant.......Could you all help me out as to how my acne genes are going to react..... please...... unsure.gif

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