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I just went to the derm today concerning lack of hygiene. To sum it up, i had compulsion and anxiety problems that prevented me from washing my whole body, i would just wash my face when taking 2 showers a day. To avoid smelling, i would simply wear deodorant and then wash every night with Strong Antibacterial soap Irish Spring. And i would rinse my whole body with hot water to kill any surface bacteria. I would wash my body with soap whenever i sweat playing sports, or going somewhere formal but mainly all i would do is go to school and come home so i thought daily cleaning was not necessary

some of the other reasons why i did not wash other parts of the body were that i only had acne initially on my face and nowhere else, so i was not concerned with any other body part. Well 2 years later, in 2001 i started to get back acne. I today asked my derm if there was a link or correalation between not washing my back and consquiently breaking out, or was i doomed to break out on my back regardless if i washed the area.

He told me that i was doomed to have bacne and lack of washing had nothing to do with it, he said its all about when your hormones increase in productivity at a certain time, thats what causes acne.

I was surprised, i thought for sure he would YES to my question.


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Definitely time to have a bit of an overhaul of the logic that has concluded in you having some kinda complicated washing habbits. I am entirely unsurprised that your derm said acne and hygiene aren't really an issue...this is becasue acne and hygiene aren't really an issue. smile.gif Acne sufferers have been found to have typically cleaner facial skin than non acne sufferers because of their more fastidious hygiene.

I hope this recent visit to the derm makes you feel a little more relaxed and philosophical about your acne and how to treat it. Curse your genes/hormones for acne - but, don't blame yourself.

As for washing - for me a shower and skincare regimen twice a day and I'm good to go.

Take Care


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I Put ZoDerm on my back every night, it contains 4.5 BP. It really has evened out my skin, i never had any cysts on my back, But i did have alot of moderate acne spread throughout my back.

Now my back is dry and red but there really is no active pimples on the surface which is great!!!!!

Also when i told him i have been using Dove Sensitive Skin Soap, he recommended Dial because it is antibacterial and Dove is not. In turn bacteria causes acne to people who are prone to it. He said i could stick to Dove, but still recommended me changing to Dial/

I thought with the topical medication a nice mild soap like Dove would be OK, and Dial may aggrivate my skin.

Also, i saw the original Dial soap, has a mild frangrance which scared me a bit. Obviously the strong antibacterial deodorant is good for arm pits, private areas, and anywhere under the waste to sustain good hygiene. But for my back i thought using a frangrance and or deodorant soap would be too irritating. Any info you can add????

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Are you talking about your back only --- or your face as well?

If you are using some medicated treatment on your face (ie: bp, antibotic etc) - I can't see why you also need to use an antibacterial cleanser. I wouldn't use a soap on my face.

As for using on your back - because your back is more hardy you could give it a try. I have heard a few good reviews about dial. However if it contributes to making your skin drier or more irritated - switch back to something more gentle.

I am not fond of fragranced products - because the fragrance serves no purpose which is beneficial to your skin - in fact fragrabnces can cause allergies in some people. But again if you are just taking about applying to your back - then it is typically more hardy and a light fragrance will most likely not be a problem.

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I have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion Bar for my face, it contains .5 saliyic acid, it seems to work pretty good for me. Have you heard any thing about this product?

I have been using Aveeno for at least 4 years for my face, i really liked when they had the oatmeal acne bar, that stuff really worked and this new stuff is not as effective. I have mild acne on my face, mild breakout 2 or 3 pimples every 2 weeks maybe but i still have oily skin. Do you recommend anything for my face??

You did mention frangrance soaps what about deodorant soaps like Irish Spring

I have heard mixed stories about deodorant and frangrance soaps on acne skin.Like i said, i have seen negative comments suggesting it justs irritates and aggrivates the acne even more. But i also have heard postives about these kind os soaps, they say that strong strengh is good at killing the bacteria that causes acne, and it drys the pimple up making it at least even and not inflamed

What do you think??

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