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Fine lines / wrinkles under eyes

Hi guys,

I've been using Retin-a micro 0.01% for around six weeks for the purpose of treating acne,

The skin on my cheeks looks clear and fresh compared to what it was, and my forehead acne has almost cleared.

Now I've heard Retin-a can be useful in treating fine lines, but haven't used it around my eyes at all, only on the skin near, but not around them. Here is the problem...

The skin under my eyes looks terrible

Do you think it just looks worse because the skin near them (on my cheeks) looks so much better?

It looks about 99 years old...compared to the younger skin (I'm 21) around it, it makes it look even worse!

Is it possible that Retin-a caused this? I know fine lines were there before treatment, but never looked this bad before... but I didn't use this on the skin around my eyes! :think:

I had fine frown lines on my fore head since I first got rid of my acne when I was around 15. I figured all the treatment with topicals and scrubbing etc had caused these. I don't know. But they've never gone away - and those lines haven't really changed ... they're not noticable, and don't bother me ...

Does anybody know why my forehead lines haven't changed much with retin-a but the ones around my eyes really have? And is there any way to undo these lines?

I really look older because of this, and it makes me sad :cry:

I could include a picture if it would help. :angel:

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sounds like dehydration, nothing permanent. The retin a is probably just migrating. Do your routine, then apply a thick, visible layer of lotion/cream under your eyes. It'll soak in by morning and help prevent the dehydration and the migration.

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isn't it because of retin a? because i read a post from another forum that she suddenly looked old because of the wrinkles that appeared near her eyes after using retin a. is retin that strong and harmful? i'm not using retin a though. i'm on NeuCell anti wrinkle cream but i just want to warn friends who would might want to try this product.

anyway, i suggest you drink a lot of water and use a good brand of moisturizer. it'll help nourish your skin. some also use essential oils (search for recipes).

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