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Recently I have been feeling a little self concious about certain scars on my arms... I don't wear vests or short sleeved t-shirts and it's getting a little like paranoia. So I tried bio oil for about... well, a few days. On my outer arm my skin was getting softer and a little clearer (no change to the scars yet. =/ Takes about 3 months apparently) unfortunately I was born with eczema, (mostly my inner elbow and legs) so it triggered that again and I had to stop using it. That was just my experience. Hope you guys find this useful and good luck with your trials. :D

Pro's - Clears up skin/ Smells gorgeous O.O =]/ Good substitute for moisturiser

Con's - Triggers eczema =/ equals > Very, very very very itchy/ sleepless nights caused by discomfort... -.-/ when used on face it sometimes gives you a orange-ish completion and my make up sort of... melted off - yuck.

Tips - DO NOT use on your nose.. clogs pores = nasty =/

I would recommend that people with a patience, no eczema and not very oily skin use this product. =]

:clap: well done bio oil... for giving me itches :wall:

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has been long time this was post but I'll comment regarding someone else may wanna know about bio oil. while researching bio oil I read it is an awful product for the skin cos it has mineral oil in it has another fancy scientific name i dont remember now, but whatever :) mineral oil is worst thing u can put on ur skin the website said, it is like covering your skin with tin foil preventing it breathing, clogging pores. it is also related to cancer.

I've bio oil, I used it a few days for my burn scar didnt help and it s still on my shelf. so i researched whether helps with acne marks but I didnt like what I read.

cant believe they put mineral oil in so called 'baby oil' products!

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Mineral oil isn't the ingredient you should worry about at ALL. Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are NOT pore-clogging.That's a very old myth.Though,the greasiness might have an indirect affect on your skin.Most people can use it just fine.

The ingredients I would worry about is the cetearyl,myrristate, and I'm also very wary of the PurCellin oil. That oil is a substance that comes from water fowl to waterproof their feathers,but I don't think it's been very well researched on human skin as far as I have read.

There been threads before on bio oil.Some people used it just fine,most were not able to.

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