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Had subcision done today

He used a normal needle to dot he subcision which completely surprised/disappointed me. I mean, I think it's the needle that you use for dermal fillers. They're quite thick but definitely not nokor so I don't even know if this will be that effective. It has to have some collagen affect because he did the subcision pretty thouroughly.

He didnt use ANY anesthetic injection or numbing cream which was CRAZY. I did the whole subcision without any pain relief. I guess a nokor needle would hurt more? But imagine a solid needle going up and down and across under your face skin it hurt. I bled a bit but was told that I didnt bleed that much at all.

It's been 4 days since I did the treatment and the swelling it just coming down. For the first 3 days it was quite swollan and now it feels swallon but you can't really tell unless you look hard. Scars don't seem to have improved but like fraxel, youre supposed to see the full results a couple months later but fraxel was a load of horse shit too so I don't know what to believe.

There's a great threat called man in the mirror or something about a user's subcision experience. I'm glad i read it because yesterday i noticed my skin was yellowish/orange/brown and I was so scared it was bad hyperpigmentation but in his blog he wrote that he experienced the same thing and it's delayed subcision bruising. I'm HOPING it is just bruising otherwise i'll have this shit to deal with along with the bad hyperpigmentation im suffering from post fraxel.

I'll let u guys know how my scars are in a couple of weeks. Blogs and posts I've read suggest improvement should be seen after a few weeks. But like I said before, i was not treated with a nokor needle so I dont know if the needle used was strong enough because I didnt hear the 'popping' noises people so often talk about.

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GEEZ no pain relief why is that?Well i hope all goes well with your healing and you get the results you are looking for.What type of scars did you get subcision on?

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hey mate hope you are doing well!

First off:

Not sure what kind of a doc this is...but subcision with a nokor needle is standard. If he was doing it differently he should have explained it to you with a valid reason. If not, then you should see someone else who has a mastery of the procedure.

Second off:

Not doing this procedure with any numbing sounds quite ridiculous... if it didn't hurt a lot with that needle that is one thing, but to experience pain sounds a little odd that he decided not to use it. Ask for a valid reason why...


Discoloration or yellowness is part of the bruising process and will regress within 7 -10 days post subcision.


Use ice for days 1-2 at least.

Lastly, take good care of your skin now and assist yourself in the healing process. My first time around I didn't see results for 4-5 months really.

Best of luck.

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