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I took anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 I.U. of Vitamin A for about 2 months and 5 days. Towards the end of that span, my oiliness had noticeably decreased and my acne was relatively not present (still two or three pimples always). Then, I stopped the Vitamin A supplementation altogether.

It has been about three months since then and my acne has returned, my oiliness has returned, and so forth. All effects of the Vitamin A have long since worn off. I went to see a laser specialist over Thanksgiving break and told him the situation (that is, I have horrible redness and visible blood vessels and recurring acne), and he wanted to do a combination of Smoothbeam and Vbeam. I am all for this (and was at the time), but we agreed that I wasn't ready. He said that Vitamin A is not as potent as Accutane and the effects do not last as long, and seeing as I only took the Vitamin A for 2 months (as opposed to a whole 6 for a course of Accutane), we could perform a test spot late December. If everything goes well, we will perform a whole treatment in early January.

I am desperately wondering whether anyone agrees/disagrees with my derm and whether they have any insight. I know the saying "better safe than sorry" could easily apply here, but I am constantly depressed. I feel like nothing has gone my way in terms of acne, and am anxious to see this redness gone.

Thanks everyone,


P.S. I do trust this new dermatologist (as he is extremely renowned for laser), Dr. Paul Friedman, but I have a hard time trusting dermatologists in general. I am constantly correcting them during visits (though that has yet to happen with Dr. Friedman).

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