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I'm officially and utterly fed up with my skin concerns. I've decided it's time to go about them a more profesional and expensive way.

First off, I hate having excess facial hair. It's not just little hairs...it's very thick, course and dark hair above my beard line that goes up to my eyes. You can see a distinct seperation from where the shaping of my beard is, to where the little hairs grow up my cheeks. Besides the fact that I don't like how it looks...I also need to shave it every now and then like if I want to shape up my beard and that leads to irritation as we all know. Also, for me, when I shave that part of my face, my skin texture looks very raw, shiny and like extra smooth in that area. Now if I would NEVER have to shave that area again, I could eliminate a few skin concerns right on the spot. I love how that area of my face feels when it hasn't been shaved for days and the hairs are grown in. But like I said, I hate actually seeing the hair, haha. I was thinking about getting Laser Hair Removal around my beardline to get rid of this problem. I think it would be awesome to just let my beard grow in, or just trim it down with a beard trimmer, or even shave where my actual beard line is and just straight down...instead of so far into the front of my face and so high under my eyes. I never get irritated anywhere else when I shave, except for the cheek area, so I feel like getting this procedure would work entirely in my favor, with most likely no side effects at all.

Now the second thing I hate are my cheeks. The texture looks -off-, the they're blotchy, red marked, overall clogged and congested and are full of sebaceaous filament all the time. After a shower, my skin is a bit dry, so I add a little moisturizer for that, but this still doesn't keep the SF's away. Towards the end of the day I look pretty oily and the redness in the marks and just my cheeks in general tends to flare up. My skin can look a bit dull, and damaged, so exfoliating with such a powerful and popular procedure can be the key to help get my skin to how I want it to look. I've done my research and I think the best thing for these problems would be a set of 6 Microdermabrasion procedures. If I recall, I would be doing the Laser Hair once a month and the Microderm every other week, doing 6 treatments of each. The lady at the spa said they'd be perfect procedures to get in conjunction with eachother, which sounds pretty logical.

Now I've already been to the Laser spa that I want to get these procedures done at, and talked to a lady about everything. Unfortunatly, I need my mother to cosign so that I can finance getting both the Laser Hair and the Microderm done. It's hard to really know if the people at these spas think that doing these procedures will help or if they really just want your money, so I though I'd ask this wonderful community we have here and see what you guys think. I'd love some opinions from people who've had either, or even both of these procedures done and even opinions from people who just wanna give me their two cents. Here's the spa's website and also some links that I help prove I'm a candidate for Microderm...

Spa's Website:


Microdermabrasion Info:



I really appreciate it guys. I am going to be setting up the financing this Wednesday if I decide to do this, so please help me out as soon as possible. Thanks guys.

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i would definitley do the laser hair removal if you have the cash. it sounds like a great idea and you figure you wont have to worry about any irritation or breakouts from shaving. that sounds like a great idea!

secondly the microderm should work pretty well for you. i havent had it myself but my friend got a series of them done to even out her skin tone and help with red marks and clogged pores and it really helped her out. i get photo facials (also known as ipl and skin rejuvination) done to help my skin as well as chemical peels but i think the microderms are cheap right? what i would do is i wouldnt buy a series of them just yet. i would have 1 done and then go from there to see if you like it.

good luck and keep us updated of your progress. you should take before and after pics too!

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ahhh Karen, thanks so much for responding. I think it sounds like a good idea too. I really don't have the cash at all at the moment and that sucks, but I really really really wanna get these procedures done. I think about it every single day. I'll definetly show before and after pics of my progress. Thanks again. :]

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I actually had the same problem you did and am doing both of the same procedures now...

I am really happy with both - the laser treatments do actually work and I notice a huge improvement on the hair growth on my skin. The laser treatments will remove the thick coarse hair but keep the vellace hair ( the little blond hairs on your skin that you can barely see).

I also just had my first micro treatment and I already notice a huge difference in my breakouts.. my skin is a bit clearer then it was before and looks a lot brighter.. I still have a couple of more micro treatments before I will have really clear skin..

I would really recommend BOTH procedures.. I feel a lot more confident about myself and the way I look and my skin looks a lot better then it use to..

good luck! :)

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Just joined so I'm sorry you didn't get this response sooner. If you have to finance these procedures, I don't think it's worth it. I had 6 microdermabrasion treatments a few years ago and while my skin looked very nice for a short time afterward, the results didn't last long enough to justify the expense. You'd likely still be making payments after the benefits have worn off. I've also had three laser hair removal treatments on my chin and my acne has flared up terribly afterwards each time. Worse, it's been so aggravated that I haven't been able to use any benzoyl peroxide on it, so I just have to live with the enormous breakout. Very embarrassing at age 27! Anyways, I am sorry to be a downer. I would hate for you to go into debt and then have disappointing results.

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I just had an express microdermabrasion done today with an express micropeel(30% sal acid). I will let you know how it goes if you are still interested. my advice right now is why not just try one instead of all or nothing? then u can see how it goes and pay as you go every month or so if u feel it is worth it. that is my plan. also, what i got was a micordermabrasion express , a shorter version for 75$ instead of 120. maybe shop around. as a bonus they had a doc on hand who gave me a script for rentina, that alone made it worth it to me. but i dont know if it worked yet...

I wrote about my experience in my blog, " If you are going through hell, keep going" if you would like a better idea of what the procedure was like....

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