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The Elixir of Life

India, a land of holiness, believes in the occult power of the universe. Many active and inert elements of Nature are considered to be an extension of the divine power. Holy Basil or Tulsi is rendered holy for its medicinal and healing powers in Ayurveda. 'The incomparable one' - which is the meaning of Tulsi is worshiped throughout India. The diverse healing properties of this ayurvedic herb is mentioned in Charaka Samhitha, the ancient ayurvedic literature.

Researchers say that this 'holy' shrub is effective in curing diabetics due to its antioxidant nature, and is a great 'cholestrol cutter.' The varieties of Basil is being experimented upon to be used as an anticarcinogen. Tulsi's extracts are used in and remedies for colds, digestive disorders, heart problems, respiratory issues, headaches, poisoning, and more. The astringent flavour of it along with stong aroma, makes it a stress buster. the extracts are one of the major ingredient in some ayurvedic massage oil formulas.

The adaptogen factor is crucial for maintaining a balance in the body's functioning. This is helpful for achieving a healthy life and longevity. The tulsi is also an ingredient in culinary preparations and beverages. The herbal tea uses tulsi as an essential ingredient. Basil is an important spice which should be included in the dietary plans for healthy living. The recent outbreak of the H1N1 epidemic, which is of great concern in the health sector, finds tulsi to be a great way to cut down the risk of the disease.

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Hmm just googled and read about it. Actually sounds awesome. Don't think it would effect acne at all, but seems like something definitely worth taking for overall well being. Seems having Tulsi Tea is the best way. I drink tea anyways, might as well try it! Thanks for the tip.

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I stumbled upon a tulsi tea that I really liked last winter when I was looking for a good hot tea without caffeine. I bought a bag, drank it every day for a month or so, and saw no difference in my acne. I actually have a new bag right now, but a few other teas are my favorite atm so its just sitting there. I don't doubt that its good for me, and a good alternative to my green and white teas in the afternoon when I don't need anymore caffeine.

"Elixir of Life" is a little extreme though.

Also my boyfriend has a holy basil plant and we occasionally throw it in our dinners. Its a nice plant to have, healthy to drink and cook with, but like TheHoper said ^ It more than likely won't make any noticeable difference in your appearance! Except for making you smile when you have a hot tea to hold in your cold hands on a freaking ridiculously cold day like today :D

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