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Mild but persistent facial acne...moderate body acne.

Okay...so my acne started in 8th grade...just little spots here and there. Freshman year of high school it got BAD. So i went to the derm and they gave me Benzaclin and differin. Worked for about a year...then my acne came back even worse and would NOT go away. They put me on an antibiotic, worked for like a month...came back even worse. Now I'm 19, sophomore in college, VERY avid swimmer and the past 6 months have been hell. Mild to moderate acne on my face, but PERSISTENT. My skin is NEVER ever ever clear and I have those little tiny under the skin bumps. I also get very sore under the skin bumps that last for weeks on end.

Now, over the past 8 months I've developed SERIOUSLY painful and embarrassing moderate bacne. Usually, people cover it up...I'm a competitive swimmer.

Would I be a candidate for Accutane? I want CLEAR skin before my 20th birthday (May 20).

Helppp :[

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Also...I take INSANE care of my skin. I KNOW it's not topical. I barely ever wear makeup, am RELIGIOUS about washing any off if I do, wash my face with cetaphil every morning and night, moisturize, etc...I don't even use hair products because I heard it enhances breakouts.

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I had bad acne on my arms, top and lower part... back chest, neck and some on my legs, my face wasnt horrible but the rest of my body was bad, i'm now almost 4 years post accutane and my body acne never came back, I get a few pimples on my face every few months but thats normal.

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