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Scars: curse or blessing?

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My scars depress me, no doubt about it. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get dermal grafting for them within the next year, and I'll happily document my progress with my fellow friends here.

I used to be really beautiful. I still think I'm somewhat pretty from far away (haha), but the scars really took away my self-confidence and I plunged into a deep depression. Instead of going out and feeling confident like I used to, I retreated to my studies and school. I felt like I had nothing better to do than study b/c I couldn't face the outside world, and I really couldn't confide in anyone about it. Maybe that saying about "beauty or brains" is true because without the scarring, I'm not sure if I would have worked so hard at school. Completely depressed and absorbed with the remedial properties of school work, I won three national awards for my research within two years. I had originally went to a mediocre college and in high school I was a dolt, but now I'm at graduate school at Yale.

So, I wonder, were my scars a blessing or a curse? I am still utterly dejected about them, and I still lack the confidence because of them, but part of me felt that I came to overcompensate in another area because of what I lacked in the beauty department. I am trying to learn how to love myself, and I continue to wonder if my scars were a curse or blessing.

I hope that we can all find the beauty within ourselves. I am still learning how, and I wish the best for all of us.

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total curse. there has really been nothing good that has come into my life since my skin got bad. I have actually not worked as hard at things because of the depression that it brings. Good for you if you think it made you push yourself further, but it didnt do that for me at all .. it just made pushing myself to do things that much harder.

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Your story is a nice example of how people should deal with the FACT they are having scars.

I used to be a pretty boy but I too was forced to quit relying on my physical looks. Trying to compensate I learned mandarin Chinese and tried to focus on a wealthy and happy future. Actually, it made me fight for my dreams even harder and with success! Life offered great peaks in comparison with my non-scarred environment.

Nonetheless, having scars in the end is still and has been a day-to-day pain. Compensating through the pursuit of dreams and hard work is effective to a certain degree. The lack of the social activity that you are secretly dreaming of will sooner or later bite you in the ass when you conclude that scars are holding you back in your life.

So yes, scars can be a blessing if used correctly and just for a limited period. In the end you'd better start saving cash and get rid of it.

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