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TCA Cross Worth It?

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I am debating getting this for some scars.

I know how it works, but I am worried it will just make them wider and shallower. I don't want that, obviously.

I just have been thinking about the procedure and I don't understand how it can fill in the scar, even though they say it can. It just doesn't seem logically possible to me. Subcision makes sense because it breaks the tethers holding down a bound down scar, so it will raise afterward.

I just don't get how putting acid in a hole makes it close up....I know they say it will heal and replace the scar tissue, but it seems so far fetched to me when i think about it.

I looked at the before and after pics on here for cross and I didn't really notice much improvement. I think the one person I saw a great deal of improvement was asian. Do you think asian skin only responds well to cross? It was studied on asians. They have thicker skin than caucasians.

Does anyone have really good experiences with it? Should I just get dermarolling done instead?

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Asians have thicker skin than Caucasians? Are you sure?

I haven´t done tons of research on what happens after CROSS in terms of skin remodelling, but here´s what I gathered (I hope everything is correct)

TCA causes "controlled injury", it penetrates skin layers and causes the denaturation of the skin´s keratin proteins (=frosting). As a result of the injury, the skin basically wants to "heals" itself, produces new collagen, and there´s increased blood flow to the scar tissue etc. Also, the walls of the scar (I believe CROSS works best on icepick scars? please correct me if I´m wrong) collapse as a result of the treatment, and cause the scar to close up a bit more with each treatment.

I did CROSS twice, but I only had maybe 6 shallow icepick scars to treat, yet I do see about a 50% improvement so far. However, I also did full face 15% TCA peels, which may have also contributed to smoothing out the scars, since they were mostly shallow to begin with. My scars are so minor that my results are probably pretty irrelevant, but I thought I´d share anyway.

You can always do CROSS on one or two "test scars" and see how it works out for you.

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Asians have thicker skin than Caucasians? Are you sure?

Yes, asians have the dermis very thick,(that's why aging much later that the caucasians).

dermis: the middle layer of skin where this the collagen.

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