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Whole wheat flour VS. white wheat flour

I come from a family that has many allergy problems. I feel I have inherited some of my allergies from the family tree. I know I am sensitive to something in wheat. I am unsure what it may be. I feel like I am very close to knowing.

I began a test this week of having a white wheat pancake for breakfast. I have had one everyday for the last 4 days/

I purposely had a whole wheat pancake 2 days ago with the intent to see if I get acne.

Today as I write this topic I have mildly broken out. What's in the whole wheat flour verses white wheat?

I seem to do better eating white wheat flour than whole wheat flour.

Can someone explain the processes of white wheat flour verses whole wheat flour in the way it is processed to the consumer?

Maybe I'm allergic to something in whole wheat flour they remove in white flour?

This has been a fun experiment. I look forward to any insight I receive.



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irrelevant test since you mention no tracking of everything else you are eating and you do not mention any of the macro breakdowns of the pancakes either.

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Uh..it's the gluten. There is a lot of information on gluten on this board. It's a wheat protein. And it is in both wheat and white flour. Which by the way are both not good for you.

I eat coconut flour. Bob Mills. Everything I have to cook with, I use coconut flour. Here is my recipe for awesome pancakes.

3 omega-3 cage free eggs

1 cup hemp milk

1 table spoon honey

1 banana

1 tbl baking powder

1 cup coconut flour

And I use coconut oil to cook with. Make them smaller, a lot easier to work with. Set on medium/high. I then pour melted natural peanut butter over mine. I'm a peanut butter addict haha, I eat the smuckers all natural that has nothing in it but peanuts.

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Have you considered that it might be grains in general? I used to eat a lot of grains in many forms, mostly whole grains and sprouted, even gluten free, as "healthy" as it gets, but i kept breaking out. I couln't figure it out. About a month ago I cut out all grains (so that includes all grain flours) and my skin has improved drastically. Now if i ever need to use flour for baking, i use almond flour, coconut flour, or look up flourless recipes. It's worth a try. Its hard to find what works but its worth it and you'll get there. best of luck!

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The King Arthur Flour is Hard Red Flour. When I eat this flour I get a whole bunch of small bumps which can itch.

Ohh... the pancakes are made with...flour,water,cinnamon,,olve oil,and chicken grease,salt.

I also eat plenty of oats which I rinse off before heating.

I started adding whole grain brown rice to my diet and I noticed an improvement as well.

Does anyone know the difference between Hard White Wheat verses Hard Red Wheat?

All I know is they grow white wheat in Europe. In the US they grow Red.

I'll be back in a few days to check this topic when I have access to a terminal.



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White flour is a complete no-no, but really this is like weighing whether tequila is better for your health then whisky. More and more researchers are saying that grains that contain gluten (wheat, barley, rye) are unhealthy for everyone. And then there are SO many people who are extraordinarily sensitive to gluten (some laboratories state the number could be as high as 40%).

I suggest going with a gluten-free grain. Gluten-free breads are sold at health food stores.

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