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persistant cyst

I got a large cystic pimple on my cheek a few months ago. Had a cortisone injection early on - while it was still painful. It went down, but didn't flatten...and slowly starting coming back within a week. Had it injected again....it went down, but a few weeks later came back - but not sore, just a knot under my skin. The same cycle of injection/flattens out/starts knotting up two more times - never painful. EAch time the knot is smaller - but still noticeable. So I'm ready to call my derm for a 5th injection on this sucker! has anyone experienced a persistent cystic pimple like this? For every other cyst I've had injected, one shot does the trick!

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What you are reporting is not unusual, what is unusual is that your derm has not, at this point, elected to surgically remove or drain the cyst as well as injecting it. Sometimes that is necessary to make it totally go away. They can be persistent sometimes.

Joe Zit

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Well your not targeting the initial cause. Cortisone shots just get rid of the inflamation. They dont get rid of the clog in the pore. Therefore the pore will just full back up and get reinfected. Put some BP on it to try and remove the plug.

I think that cortisone is tbh a completely unneccessary treatment, which doesnt really sort anything, which is why we dont have them here in the UK. I agree that prednisone should be used for extreme acne, but indiviual cortisone shots just seems a bit pathetic, pointless and unneccesarily harmful.

Edited by Claudio

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