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Hey Guys~ I am on 2 months of my Regimen.

So i decided to change my routine from BP to AHA.

So today after shower I applied the AHA lotion on my face. At first i didnt noe what to do so i just squeezed bit by bits and applied around the affected areas only. People said it will sting but it did just a bit like JUST ABIT, but that was it. Is it cuz of i used the BP for 2months? anyways so my question is do i use it only to the affected areas (my whole cheeks has pimples) or do i put on to my whole face as a moisturizer?. Or put the aha and after it dries do i put moisturizer on my face??? its quite confusing

Thanks for your help guys~

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You should put it everywhere if you aren't going to use BP; you want to prevent acne from forming in the first place, not just treat the pimples that are already there. Personally I wouldn't recommend eliminating BP from your routine altogether if it has cleared you up. AHA and BP do not do the same thing; BP creates oxygen to kill the bacteria that causes acne while AHA exfoliates. I do not believe you will get the same results without BP. If you have a specific reason for switching, like irritation or dryness, then maybe let us know so we can try to give some advice. Otherwise I'd recommend just adding the AHA to your old regimen. I myself tried taking out BP and using BHA and AHA instead, and it didn't work haha I speak from experience, but it's just my own. Maybe it would work for you; I guess you don't know for sure unless you try. But again, I'd advise against it.

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