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severe acne makeup reg that WILL work i promise you.

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Ok I'm going to start off by saying, yes I am terrified to leave the house without makeup on (how sad). I went to an all girls school, and that would be the one place that was my safe haven from caking my face..So with that said, whenever we'd go out on weekends everyone ALWAYS and i mean always said " Wow your skin looks perfect overnight" ..didnt exactly make me feel good, being that my skin sucked, but at least i could cover it! so here we go...

1) YOU NEED A PRIMER-- this works as a shield for clogging pores with foundation and keeps your complexion at a somewhat even tone

what I use: GREEN HD Microperfecting Primer

cost: $32 , a bit pricey, but well worth it. You can buy this at Sephora

reason: the green tone of this primer works to counteract the redness in your face

2)Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer-- to go over the blemishes that are not easily coverable with mear foundation

cost: $9 at CVS

reason: contains salycilic acid and necessary to hide annoying pimples!

3) Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup-- make sure you either use a sponge to apply this (NEVER YOUR HANDS!) or a concealer brush. NOTE: you must dispose of sponges after each use, b/c they form bacteria which cause further breakouts. Also, if you use a foundation brush you must clean it frequently.

cost: around $11.99 at CVS

reason: this is not only oil-free, but also contains salycilic acid to help fight acne while covering it.

4) Bare Minerals Foundation-- make sure you have their concealer brush, and foundation brush and READ HOW TO USE IT!

cost: $19 at sephora

reason AND instructions: first lightly re-cover the spots that you did in step 2 with the concealer brush..then use the all over foundation brush to keep the liquid makeup from coming off easily. Also, the mineral makeup is far better for your skin and will not clog pores.


5) Bare Minerals Bronzer -- have a bronzer brush for this

cost: $19 at sephora

Mainly brush the apples of your cheaks and then very lightly all over, because their bronzer covers with only a slight amount.

you can buy a bare minerals kit at sephora for about $48 and it will come with brushes, 2 foundations, a bronzer, and mineral veil..but i find that the mineral veil doesnt work for people with acne because its a shine powder..and by all means we do not need that.

also, make sure you rub in underneath your chin. you do not want that pumpkin face look in which it is very obvious you have makeup on. use both the bare minerals steps on your neck and upper chest area to have an all-over blend.

GOOD LUCK! :D I hope I could help with this god awful acne battle.

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