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What is this? Injected twice and still won't go away

I'm on differin, duac, and solodyn, and generally have one pimple a month. When I do get one, I get it injected, and it's gone the next day. Wednesday I felt a bump under my skin (could feel it, but not see it), and decided to hit it with a preemptive strike and get a cortisone injection. The next morning, instead of having gone down, it had swelled up a little, and was now making the area a little red around the bump. I figured maybe the cortisone still needed more time to work, and that the swelling would go down. Friday morning it is exactly the same, so I decide to get it injected again. Dermatologist says it is pretty deep, but she went straight in and it should be gone by the next day. Today I woke up, and it was still swollen. Not quite as red, but still noticeable. I can feel the bump, and it hasn't gone down at all. It's fully under the surface, and doesn't hurt when I press on it, but it doesn't seem to be going away. I've been putting Duac on it during the day and Differin at night, and it still hasn't changed at all. What is this? I plan to go back to my dermatologist on Monday if it hasn't started to go away and see what my options are.

Below is a photo. It's not terribly noticeable, but you can still see what I'm talking about. The white shade to it is the fact that there is a layer of Differin on top of it.



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you can hardly see it in the picture haha... hows anyone suppose to know what it is and does it even matter what it is? The cortisone should work... if differin and duac isnt working then dont do that lol let it get air

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