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newbie here

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Hey guys, I'm hoping to join the group of clear-skinned individuals, as proactiv has done me no justice in the last year. just gotta make sure i'm doing things right.

1) cleans face. i haven't bought one of hte suggested cleansers yet, but if i shave, do ireally have to use a bar? i prefer the mobility (traveling) of a wash bottle better. anyway...wash no more than 10 seconds, pat dry.

2) wait a little bit

3) apply the suggested amount of bp. right now i'm using neutrogena on-the-spot and i don't like it. i'm waiting for my order of bp gel

4) wait some more

5) apply mosturizer.

the question i have is...the moisturizer doesn't necessary "clump up" with the bp, but...it kinda like...removes the bp you applied from the skin and just mixes in until i apply on and it absorbs into the skin again. is that okay? also, when i get the bp gel...will it behave similar to what i jus described?

i hope this regimen works cause NOTHING ELSE HAS.

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When you get the BP gel from dan it should absorb WAAAY better and WIILL NOT be clumped up or removed in the process of moisturizing. Personally Ive never used On THe Spot, but maybe youre not massaging it in enough.

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Exactly what was said above. And to add to this, the BP gel will dry a LOT quicker, so the moisturiser won't drag it back up again. Good luck!

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well at night i apply a lot more bp then in the morning(rubbing it in for like 30secs-1 min) and i have the same thing happening to me (using benzac and complex15 althought i might be swtiching to cetaphil for moisturizing).the moisturizer kinda mixes up with the white "residue" left from the bp application and then goes away afterwards. id like to know if this is bad or just normal? interferes with the effect of the bp? i still rub it in a long time maybe im just putting to much bp.

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