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Found success with pustules


I am new to the forum. I only joined because I wanted to share I success story I have had/am having with a new combination I tried.

The only acne I really get is pustules. I started with salycilic acid and benzoyl peroxide (one after the other), then moved on to try a whole bunch of different things. They all helped, but nothing really cleared it up. My acne isn't that bad and I am not self-conscious about it, so I wasn't always devoting a lot of my time to it. I recently started experimenting with aspirin. It worked the best out of everything, but it still wasn't perfect. With my new regimen, my acne is almost completely gone and the redness is mostly gone, too. My skin on my forehead was always bumpy. It looked like it had tiny non-red pustules all over it, but they were skinned tone so I could only feel them. With my method, they are gone and the skin almost looks smooth.

I shave every night, but I also shave my forehead. I do this because it seems to exfoliate and always a lot of dead skin comes off. It doesn't seem to irritate my skin and I don't use shaving cream. Then, I combine several aspirin tablets with benzoyl peroxide. In order to get the aspirin into a paste, I use a drop of hydrogen peroxide. It breaks it up much better than water or alcohol. I then mix in a little bit of benzoyl peroxide. I combine them so that it is wet enough to get the mixture onto my face, but the mixture will still dry and flake off. I usually brush my teeth and do everything else during this time. When the paste has visibly dried on my face, I gently brush it off. I get enough off that there is still a white powder coating, but it won't some off during the night. I notice that the paste adheres to the acne pimples much more than other areas. It doesn't matter if you remove the powder or not, it will flake off at night, it is just a convenience thing.

The first time I did this, I noticed an extreme improvement. I did this for 5 days and each day my skin got significantly better than the day before. The only issue is the skin is very dry in the morning. I have been using a clean and clear moisturizer that seems to work well. The acne does seem to come back a little bit when I stop. Unfortunately, whenever my face gets better, I get lazy and don't put on the mixture and my acne comes back. :( Also, after shaving, putting on the aspirin and benzoyl peroxide mixture stings a bit, but it is no big deal.

One last note, I find that Clean & Clear's Persa-gel 10 benzoyl peroxide product has better texture than other brands for this purpose.

To long/didn't read version:


Mix 4 aspirin tablets with a small amount of benzoyl peroxide to make a paste

spread over areas affected by acne

remove piles of discarded white powder, so parents don't think you are using cocaine


moisturize (if you want to have skin at the end of the process

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