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Nothing works...seeing dermatologist soon

Hey I have had severe acne all my life, I had have had early memories of pimples, including one of my earliest being in grade 7 when I had a big pimple on my face. I think that I had some light / not as occasional acne before that as well. Every since then I have had some of the worst acne in all my peers.

I break out often, scars lasts years etc..

It was decent a few months ago but now it is crazy with all the break outs I have been having.

I have tried nearly all remedies for an extended amount of time

Through prescription I went through



Clindoxel gel

And a soap which worked great on my bacne

Non prescription I tried

Lemon juice and egg whites

Thin slices of cucumbers

Drinking nothing but water, juice, slowly cutting out milk

Drinking 8+ cups of water a day

Taking fish oil pills

Nearly all over the counter acne remedies (none worked then went onto prescription ointments...been using them, they don't work that much better)

Eating very healthy and minimizing the consumption of any junk food

Baking soda facials

and Im sure i've done a lot more but I just can't think of it right now

My current regimine is i think the best i ever had but still isn't enough

Every morning / night cleanse face (sometimes I do this in the afternoon as well)

Apply jojoba oil moisturizer

Wait 15 minutes then apply clindoxel gel (in the morning) polysporin (afternoon) polysporin / differin (night)

Only recently have I added polysporin to my acne fighting ointments

One thing I can think of is that i smoke weed everyday. I think this has contributed to the amounts of break outs I have been getting because I have slowly noticed after some weeks of going on and off weed, my face has been getting clearer, and when I smoke i get more break outs.

This is what I observed but am finding it hard to quit weed? (another subject)

But at the same time it's not like my face was good before I started smoking weed

Im 19 now and would like to get rid of this tomorrow!

I have seen a dermatologist once in my life about 3 years ago. He put me on tetracycline, differin, clindoxel gel. Im not too sure but I might have remembered him saying "if these don't work we'll put you on acutine"

I haven't seen him again but am going to a new dermatologist soon within the month.

What should I go in and "ask" for? What do you think will work for me?

I haven't tried accutine but I have read some pretty negative reviews from it from this site. People saying they would take back their acne to not go on acutine. Crazy stuff, so im not sure if this is what I want.

Help prepare me for this visit to the derm!!

edit: despite all this i still maintain a positive attitude, sometimes deluding myself almost. Things don't really affect me this way I guess because I know they don't scar so it won't be here in the long run but while im young at the peak of my youth i don't want to be hindered by acne

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Most of the people who spread ridiculous propaganda about Roaccutane have differing agenda's for doing so, most if not all, peddle in scaremongering and have little first hand experience or even evidence.

I've been on Roaccutane (almost solidly but with a few 5 month breaks) for the past 3 or so years, and I can say without doubt that the drug works wonders, although it does create dry and cracked skin (all temporary), it reduces acne and eventually rids your skin of it completely which is a joy.

Ignore all of the moronic indoctrination about those who go around spouting about how their 'friend' killed themselves over Roaccutane (they almost definitely didn't) there have only been a handful of suicides from roaccutane and in those cases the individuals already had pre-existing tendencies (ie. Suicidal thoughts) before taking the drug.

The other real side effect is hairloss which again, is quite rare and only temporary. However, it can speed up male pattern baldness in men (but then again it merely means the drug has sped up the inevitable NOT caused permanent baldness).

Your dermotologist will keep a check on you and you will be fine. If not (which I doubt) and you're suffering from taking roaccutane, stop taking them and tell your dermatologist - Problem sorted.


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