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General Birth Control question..

I know this has nothing to do with acne...but everyone on here seems really helpful anyway. So I'm on Aviane...but I'm switching to Tri-Sprintec next week because Aviane keeps giving me breakthrough bleeding. Well this month I started bleeding a whole week early...but today..I got my actual period..but I have one more Aviane pill left to take tonight. Do I take that pill tonight or no? Also, do I start Tri-Sprintec tomorrow since it's the first sunday after the start of my period...or do I give my body time to have my period and start next Sunday. Thanks!!

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It doesn't matter when you start/stop bleeding...you still take the pills in the same order every single day. You don't skip over or jump ahead.

Even if you're still bleeding when it's about time for your next pack's active pills,you take them. Even if you're not bleeding when you get to the inactive pills,you take them.

Your body is eventually going to adjust to the hormones,but try not to jump around to different brands so much. Sometimes you'll get spotting between periods even when you've been taking them for a while. This is normal.

Are you worried because you're sexually active? You need to use two forms of birth control anyways.

I also suggest reading the product insert. Yes,there's a lot to read...but it answers most of the question you'll ever have.

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I have had this problem before. You should take them consecutively. Finish one pack, and start the other. I am on Tri-sprintec and it works quite well. Good luck.

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