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Sounds stupid but...

I think i break out more at my own house rather than the house i live at in uni. the few mornngs i wake up at home my skin seems alot worse and breaks out. Am i just thinking this or have other people experienced this ?

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Maybe it's their water. Do they use hard water or soft water?

Also, it could be the pillowcase you are sleeping on.

I make sure to change my pillow case every 2 nights. I sleep on one side, then the other, then I change it. :D

Also, are you washing your hands before washing your face, applying the BP, and moisturizer or anything else you apply on your face?

Are you touching your face a lot?

Picking at it?

I think I heard marijuana can cause acne or dullness in skin...well, that's what some other people on an Acne.org said. I'm not against drugs ( I have done pot) but, alcohol and drugs could contribute to acne or skin problems.

You just have to look around. :D

I hope I helped.

And, no it doesn't sound stupid. You're just thinking with an open mind.

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Guest Timehealsall

open mind imo can be a bitch. I am trying to figure out how i am getting RANDOM scratch lines on my face. Any clues? :(

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Ohhhhh. Are you using AHA?

The first few times I used the AHA it made me itch my face bad the next morning and I had little red scratch marks on my face.

The Jojoba Oil kind of makes me itch, but only a tiny bit.

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This actually really makes sense. I moved out of my parents house in April and after about a month of living in my own place, I noticed my skin had gotten worse. I hadn't changed my routine or products or anything. I also noticed my skin really dry and sensitive so I definitely believe that it could be the water. It makes me want to move back home!

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