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Roaccutane/Yaz Journey

Hi All!

I've been reading various blogs and posts on acne.org website for the past few years, since my acne developed. I've read some brilliant and inspiring posts, especially about the success many people were having with Accutane/Roaccutane (we call it Roaccutane in Australia!). So, I've decided (like many others!) to keep a log of my journey so I can keep track of my progress and hopefully help out some other people in their journey!

About Me:

21 year old female

Live in Sydney, Australia

At University and working part time

Skin History:

Have had acne for 4-5 years, has worsened in the last 2 years. Started light, now is moderate-severe (especially around that time of month!)

Skin in not necessarily too oily, I find from all the creams and face washes I use my skin tends to have dry patches

Medication History:

I've tried...

Retin-A & Differin - 8 weeks, made my skin sore, swollen, red, itchy and flake/scab

Diane (Birth Control Pill): 6 weeks, made my skin worse, had my periods the whole time - HORRIBLE!

Doxycycline - 3 months, no change in skin at all, made me feel very nauseous

Minocycline - 2 months, no change in skin at all

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%, 5% & 10% - 3 years, I alternate between the various strengths and find that it will dry out my acne after a few nights of use but can also make it worse, makes my face bright red and swell. I now only use it in small quantities

Erythromycin / Ibilex - 2 week course each, no changes to my skin AT ALL!

Amoxycillin - 2 week course, several times over the last 3 years. AMOXY IS A LIFESAVER! Originally prescribed Amoxy when I had an ear infection, always go back to it for a 1-2 week course when I am really struggling with my skin. It is less effective each time, so I am trying not to use it much but it is amazing - flawless skin for up to 5 weeks after a 2 week course. TEMPORARY treatment though... what a shame!

Vitamin C - intermittently over the last month, unsure of its effects... Maybe a slight improvement?

Anyway, so that's my history with acne - nothing has worked for me to show a significant and long term improvement. I decided to visit the dermatologist in October and explained to her my history and how I think my PCOS is responsible for my acne problem as I have various other symptoms of PCOS that irritate me too and I think they all fit together! We agreed Roaccutane would probably be the way to go, so she gave me a blood test form to check for pregnancy, various hormones, liver function, cholesterol, full blood count etc etc.

Had my bloods done and picked them up the other day (December 9) - hormones were out of whack, which I expected, but was glad to find my cholesterol, insulin etc etc all in a healthy range!

The dermatologist gave me my first script of 10mg Roaccutane in a 2 month (60 pill) pack. I will be on it for around 6 months. She also put me on Yaz Birth Control Pill to regulate my periods and help with my acne as well. I haven't started the Yaz yet. She said to come back in February to review how I'm going... I'm SO excited! I should have done this several years ago!!

So far, I've taken two day's worth and all I've noticed is that I get super thirsty and my skin got suddenly oily overnight and about 5 more (big/red) pimples have just come up that weren't there yesterday...

The dermatologist told me 10mg would be enough to treat my skin successfully while minimising the side effects such as dry skin and breaking out in the beginning... I hope she's right.

So now I'm on:

10mg Roaccutane daily

Yaz once daily (to start on first day next cycle)

Vitamin C 2000mg once daily

I was wondering if anyone is on/has been on Yaz and/or low dose Roaccutane and how they went? What can I expect over the next couple of months??

Thanks so much guys! Will post brief entries each week updating my progress.

Good luck to everyone else on a similar path!


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I am also on Yaz because my doctor thought I had PCOS (we're not positive, apparently they have to do an ultrasound to be sure? idk) so she put me on the birth control...not to be a downer but it didn't really help me skin wise lol but who cares because now we are both on Accutane and (hopefully) will never have to worry about it again! I did lose a lot of weight (you might too, idk if if it was just me) once I started the Yaz, I'm not sure if it was because I moved to college and out of the stressful environment at home or if it was the birth control, which apparently treats the PCOS symptoms, one of them being that it is nearly impossible for me to lose weight. Well anyway I'll stop rambling, good luck with your treatment! I will be following your log :)

PS although I am on Yaz I'm not on a low dose treatment..so I couldn't tell you how the two work together. ALSO the first week or so that you are on Yaz there is a big possibility that you will be a MESS. LOL people will think you are crazy, heck you might even think you're going crazy, I cried nonstop over the dumbest things, so just a heads up on that lol. But after a week or two everything goes back to normal.

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