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How can I improve my regimen?

So it's been a while since I've been on acne.org. My skin has improved a lot since then, which is sort of why I just haven't been bothered to come here (along with being busy).

I plan to get laser resurfacing late January and I want my skin to be in the best possible condition to make this worth my money ($500/cheeks treatment x 3 treatments. $1250/whole face x 1 treatment). I have lots of hyperpigmentation, red marks, and overall bad texture that has not improved at all.

-My Regimen-


- Wash face w/ Spectro Derm for dry skin (it works, it's soothing, not irritating whatsoever)

- Use a Clindets Wipe (absolutely love these things)

- Apply CyberDerm AM Hydrating Whip (Moisturizer + Sunscreen. Only sunscreen that doesn't cause a severe allergic reaction for me)


- Wash face w/ Spectro Derm again

- Apply Avene Acne Treatment Adjuctive Moisturizer (I have tried going without this stuff when applying Retin A but it is just NOT possible. My skin is too dry)

- Wait 30 minutes

- Apply Retin-A Micro 0.04%

My main issue is that my skin constantly feels dry, and sometimes my skin will get really flaky. I can't really replace most of the things on this list, and I doubt there is much else I can do, but I hate having really dry skin. My derm said I have to stay "on the dry side of the spectrum" but I don't think she understands how dry I am here.

I was also wondering if I could fit an antioxidant serum into my regimen, or if there is even a reason to (would it be too much? worsen dryness?). I haven't talked to my derm much about this but I am going to next visit. I'd like to hear from you guys so I have some idea of what to discuss with her.

I should also mention that I have been off accutane for almost a year.

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maybe try a heavier cream like CeraVe at night... they also have an AM version that has SPF30 in it.

if jojoba oil doesnt break you out, perhaps consider adding a few drops to your moisturizer.

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