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help me understand please!

I've been researching acne to try and figure out why this happens.

I'm 25, and I had real bad acne in my teens, including back acne. My back acne was extremely bad but I did nothing to treat it. When I was about 21 years old, my back acne completely disappeared. I figured I grew out of it, meaning my hormones wouldn't cause my body to produce excess oil.

If I grew out of it, then why do I still get acne on my face? What's weird is sometimes my face is absolutely perfect, but ill get a bad Breakout once in a while and I can't figure it out. I don't change my routine (sa one night, aha next, moisturizer in morning) and all of a sudden ill just get a bad Breakout.

Seeing as sa and aha unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells, I don't understand why or how this happens.

Any thoughts?

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I agree with top post. I am about a week into just using water 3 times a day on my face. So far so good. Any whiteheads that have come up are much smaller than when I treated it (with lemons, acv, or oils) and my skin tone is improving overall. You just have to let go and act as though you are in jail or out on the streets begging for food. I know it sounds easier than it may be, but it kind of is the truth. I have seen many jail shows on tv with many inmate interviews and sure some have scars on their faces, but in reality everyone is clear. Just something to think about since your back is now clear whilst doing nothing to it. Also, while in puberty the face is WAY sensitive because of its ph being lowered to be more acidic. Most of the products on the market are not acidic + very harsh therefor you were sort of going against your skin naturally becoming more acidic to protect the inside from the outside environment. I was too, but I learned ;)

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Excellent points. I think you guys are exactly right. I've changed my routine starting yesterday. Now in the mornings I'm not even using a cleanser to wash my face...I'm just rinsing it and applying a gently moisturizer. And I'm going to cut back on AHA some as well as the BA to see if that helps. I can't completely get rid of them though because when my face is clear, these products bring my face to near perfect.

I recently introduced an AHA glycolic peel, and I think that's what caused my recent breakout! I used the pell TWO nights in a row which was extremely stupid, but I loved how it made my face look and feel the first night so I did it again the following night. After some research I realized that the first night took away all the dead skin cells already, so doing it the second night just took away some of my good cells, which lead to irritation, which lead to my current breakout. I'm only doing peels once per month MAX now.

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