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Hi everyone,

I joined this site last year when I was very tired of hiding my face because my acne became uncontrollable.

I am 27 years of age and I remember when I was in my pre-teens my face was flawless until I started college. I always believed that acne would go away due to age, but throughout the years my face became worst, causing fraustration and hurt because I bought every type of make up to facewash and over the counter creams. Seven years later I realized that acne was not only hormornal, but also needs to be eradicated from inside of your body. After getting married this year and having my acne act up all of the time, I was not living my life like this any longer. I finally took some time and went to the dermatologist. People with acne always believe that it will go away, my dermatologist said to me "why didn't you come to me 7 years ago, you would not have scarring on your face". I wish I were not so lazy and took better care of my skin, before it spiraled out of control.

Please follow these simple steps below and I hope that I also get positive feed back, and remember that although we want an instant result we must be patient and accept that this is a process that should be done religiously and even when the acne is gone, just continue following the steps to be on the safe side. REMEMBER YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR ACNE IF YOU WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!! DON'T BE LAZY EVEN IF YOU FEEL LIKE THE PRODUCT IS NOT WORKING, IT IS...IT JUST TAKES TIME!

First Process : My secret is to cleanse your body internally EVERY SINGLE DAY, YES USE THE BATHROOM EVERY DAY, this is a priority!!!!!. I have a bowl of FIBER CEREAL, I prefer Mini Wheats. Fiber helps to eliminate waste and if you are too lazy or lactose and tolerant you can also buy Metumucil in the store and mix it with water and drink it once a day.

Second Process: I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me TAZORAC, YOU CAN USE THE LOWEST DOSAGE FOR MORE SENSITIVE SKIN OR A HIGHER DOSAGE, I used both throughout, this product is not harsh at all!. I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY, TWICE a day for the past 7 months and still continue to use it, MY FACE IS NOW FLAWLESS. I even wear it under my make up with 20 SPF moisturizer.

Make sure and wash your face twice a day as well and use a moisturizer.

Go to the dermatologist for TAZORAC it is worth a try and cleanse your body, is my secret.


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