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Hello! I am new to the message boards here on Acne.org. I purchased Dan's regimen about a month ago. I have noticed great results. I have stopped using makeup so much. If anything I will just put a little concealer on my blemishes that are big and noticeable. I started getting acne after high school. I was on Mircette (birth control) throughout my high school years. I had very clear skin. I didn't wear much makeup in high school, only lipstick and that Revlon skin lightening stuff (which they don't make anymore :( ) After I graduated high school I moved out on my own. I started using credit cards and got my bills up there. I went off and on birth control. I started getting anxiety/stress. I noticed some pimples on my face which got worse over time. I bought foundation to try and cover it. I kept buying cleansers and anything I thought would help my face. I never gave products a good amount of time to see if they were helping. I finally got my debt under control and working to eliminate it. I started using Dan's Regimen after trying Paula's Choice (which made my skin very oily). I really like Dan's regimen. It does make my face dry and flaky at times. I started using less of the benzoyl peroxide and more moisturizer which as helped.

I look forward to helping others and getting feedback as well.

I had a question... I'm only a month on the regimen, is it too soon to included Dan's AHA+ in the regimen?

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Hi there, jencorinne. Welcome to Acne.org. I'm going to move this post to the regimen section so it gets more traffic in order to get your question answered. :)

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Up to you and your skin; if you aren't seeing much irritation from a full dose of BP go for it. I find AHA is the only thing that helps with the flaking (no cure for that unfort.).

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