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Hi All,

I have a very confusing and sad problem going on and a help and experience from you guys will be so helpful.

So the problem started 2 years back. I started getting very very oily skin with too much acne which I never had before. The GP kept giving me antibiotic and I kept insisting that I need to be referred to dermatologist.

So to the cut long story short he reffered to the derm this year July and I got the appointment for Sept after a long wait. I have got severe scars of acne now. I went to derm and she referred me the isotretinion which is same as accutane right? She started with 20mg. Now my bad luck she asked me to have a follow up visit after a month and she will increase my dose. I missed the date and got discharged from the list and then had to get the referral again which is another 2 months wait and is due on Monday the 13th Dec :( so missed 2 months of treatment already. I reckon it will start all over again. Now the problem becomes even more worse knowing that I may be getting married in Sept next year and I may have to meet the groom's family in Feb next year. Since then I am so worried and depressed. I am hopegful that accutane will help me get rid of acne as I had amazing results in just one month with 20mg. No more new acne and not oily at all. But I am so worried and depressed because of my scars.

I have been thinking, that if I can get a one sitting of chemical peel before I ll go on Acne. So if I can get it sometime next week and start taking accutane after a week or so. Would that be good? Will that help? Because I have read that you can not have skin peeling treatment right after accutane and you should wait for 6months or so and I dont have that much time now :( if the treament will start in Dec it will last may be till April or May and then wedding in Sept :( so when will i get the skin peel done? Can anyone help me or suggest me . How long I can wait after I finish on accutane and safely do a skin peel and one which one? How long does it take to show its benefits. Is it worht doing a one peel before I will start Accutane. Just to fade the spots. I also read in here on boards that you can do a peel after 8 weeks which is 2 months right? So if I finish in April then Can I do it in june or july?

Please help me ..I feel so depressed and worried at times and also that I am not gona look pretty on my wedding :( I am quite fair and the spots are really red.. not deep but seems redness under the skin...

Your help and any expereince will be so helpful.

Thanks All

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Yeah, you're not supposed to use that stuff until 6 months after accutane. But honestly, I think the best thing you can do for spots is just use a good moisturizer, drink a lot of water, and leave them alone. Imo, the peels don't really help, they just temporarily make the rest of your skin a bit red so it looks like the spots have faded, but in fact they don't do that much.

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after your treatment you can use emu oil for scars, ive seen people use it while on accutane and it worked

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