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Accutane Opinions PLEASE!

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Hi all. I have started on roaccutane last friday. Initally the Derm wanted me to prove there was nothing wrong with my liver after my liver tests came back, a little high, But that is all good due to my migraine medication causes the liver and tric's to rise. So I had an ultra sound and my Dr said that If the ultra sound goes well then get the script filled out. So i did. I started on 20mg 2 times a day, (40mg per day) and then my skin was getting clearer, I am also using clinique acne solutions so it was all good, ( great product by the way!!!) Then the derm rings on wed and says that I am fine to start but only on 20mg once a day not twice a day, :boohoo: and then today ( friday) i have noticed alot more oil on my face and more pimples coming thru, I do relise that the roaccutane is starting to work in clearing out my clogged pores. So I'm not sure what to do as I think that taking the tablets 2 times a day is better for me and I have no sypmtoms at the moment but a headache after taking the tablets, But it goes away with some panadol and a large glass of water. The other side of the coin is that I really think that the 2 a day is going to clear my skin quicker verses 1 a day, and have noticed a difference when I stepped down the dose. I don't have severe acne, moderate with alot of black heads and scaring. The derm put me on the roaccutane as I have had acne for 10 years and tried everything to clear my skin

Do I tell the Derm what I WANT or do what he thinks is best. I have alot of medical training but not as a derm or anything, But I do know when my body is displaying different sypmtoms and something is wrong, The Derm doesn't.... :naughty:

Please give your personal advise. Thanks so very Much. :surprised:

P.s Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I'm not downloading the checker!

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