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hii my name is keith im 16 years old, last year in school i was in my school swimming team everything was fine, my skin was normal and everything. at that time i was a freshman, when summer was about to come i was still swimming and something started to come out my face on my cheek it was like a spot on my cheek that turned white. i thought it was my skin that it was healing and stuff. so i bought neutrogena to see if it healed but that didnt help. this year is my softmore year and my face has gotten worse. everytime i swim my face turns completely white and red. when i get out of the pool its like my skin gets really dry and my face is red and my skin is like white everywhere. when im sleepin and i wake up my skin is white. i tried washing my face and peeling it but my face is completely red, and i noticed that i have like red spots on my nose both sides of it and on my two cheeks. its spreading and i can tell as result that my normal skin color is going away its like my skin is irritating or something im not sure.

Can somebody please help me. I hate waking up and having all my face white and the worst part is that i have to go to school. Im a young kid that likes to hang out alot and handsome but with these conditions i dont feel handsome at all, i get so depressed and i feel like its gonna stay forever. To cover myself i put on olive oil, it helps but who wants an oily face really? i tried cucumbers so that it cools down my skin cause my skin flares up and it like burns me if i sweat or do anything that would make my body heat up. i cant get really hot cause ill flare up. can somebody please help me, im young, and i hate turning my face the other way when i see a gorgeous girl knowing that i can talk to her :(

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Not sure about this.... It would be best to see a skin specialist (Dermatologist) asap for an accurate diagnosis and possible treatment.

Best wishes, Shantelle

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