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jojoba oil exfoliation

hey everyone. ive been on the regimen for about 3 and a half months, and im extremely happy with the results. i didnt start clearing up until the 3 month mark, and i got really impatient that it was too taking so long to work. i almost quit at one point, but im happy i stuck with it. im now almost completely clear with the exception of a few red marks

my skin is pretty dry however, especially with the cold winter weather. ive read about possibly exfoliating the flakes off my face with jojoba oil. i just got a batch of it in the mail today, so i want to try it out to get rid of the flakes that keep coming back. how exactly do you do it though? do you just rub the jojoba oil on your face with your fingers, or is there more to it? and how effective is it at getting rid of flakes?

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Yep, essentially you just use jojoba oil to (gently) scrub your face to make the flakes come off.

Considering you don't have any more active acne, you don't have to worry about being too harsh. Just make sure that there is always enough jojoba at the contact area between your fingers and skin (kinda like motor oil), so you're not scrubbing your skin raw. 4-5 drops might work if you use 'em efficiently, but when I was using this method I used more like 10-15, haha.

You should ideally do the scrub after cleansing and before BP application. Some people say the jojoba actually helps the BP penetrate deeper, although I don't know how much truth there is to that.

I found that the best time to scrub is directly after you pat your skin dry after cleansing. Your skin should still be a little moist, so this is the best time to hit it up with jojoba, because the flakes will come off much easier. Then, after you've finished the scrub, you can either keep the jojoba on or wash it off, and then continue with the regimen as you normally would.

I find that although this usually doesn't get rid of flakes 100%, it's a good way of keeping most of them at bay. Then, if any flakes still remain that bother you, you can just pick 'em off with tweezers or something.

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