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Long Hair and Acne after taking accutane?

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Hello, let me start off with some background information: I had bad acne, not necessarily extremely severe, but to the point where, for five years, nothing made it go away. I am a 15 year and 10 month old male. What I really want to do is grow my hair long enough so it will flip to the side and my bangs would flip forward. Unfortunately, I am worried that this will cause my acne to come back. My question is, what is the probability that my acne will come back if I let my hair grow about another 2.5 inches? My hair then would be about 5 inches long.

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Your hair is much like your face. The more you wash it the oilier it will get. After leaving your hair a lone for a while, your hair will not be as oily. The oils actually protect the elasticity and hair therefor it is bad to strip them continually every day. Don't think about it, just do it!

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Oils are there for a reason - to moisturize your skin and hair. In healthy sking this is all good. But in unhealthy skin the pores get blocked and this is were the bodys design comes undone. As long as your pores arnt clogged grease isnt going to cause acne. For instance polar bears has very greasy skin but no acne.

The question id love to know is why are we ( the appex of natures design) the only creature that gets acne? - surely it must be down to somethign we do.

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