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Fed up

Okay here is the deal, I have just joined these forums however I have been a "lurker" on these forums for years (not sure why I never joined?). Anyways, I am a 25 year old male who has been suffering from acne since the age of 14. My acne seems to be highly unusual (I havent ever seen it described exactly as how I have it), and actually seems to be different on different parts of my face. My worst area is all along my lip line, right where my skin and lip meet (usually on the sides and upper lip). However on my face I'm actually pretty clear except for the 2 or 3 active pimples that I always seem to have ranging from my cheek bones on down. My temples, forehead never ever get pimples. These pimples along my lip line start off as very small white bumps, may transform into slightly bigger white bumps, and then turn into active whiteheads. Its so wierd, Ill know basically weeks, sometimes months in advance before a whitehead actually forms that Ill be getting one just because of these white bumps. These types of pimples only occur along my lip line and occassionally (but rarely) on my cheek bones. The rest of my pimples seem to be more typical, they just form and eventually go away; however they usually are larger then the ones on my lipline. I just cannot find a remedy for my acne, Ive tried so many things (vitamins, topicals, pretty much everything) and nothing stops it!! Im sure many people here can relate to my story and just how irritating it is to have acne for this long. Its so embarrassing and really bogs down your confidence level, I just dont know what to do anymore, so I'm hoping maybe a cry for help might bring along a good suggestion or at least someone who can relate to the same type of acne I have. Sorry for the rant, I (like many others) just dont know what to do or where to turn anymore.

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