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Can tricyclic medications cause acne?


I am new to the community, and already have gotten such great info! I am not sure if I am posting in correct forum. The prescription med forum looked more to ask questions about acne meds vs. meds that cause acne. So forgive me if I am mis-posting.

To give you a bit of background: Since the teenage years, I typically would have a few pimples on my face but managed with BP. About 3 months ago I developed an allergic reaction on my face, I took 2weeks of prednisone, and then remained on steroid cream for 6 weeks. I believe the steroids did nothing but create icky side effects. Also during this time I began Doxepin to help with itching. So I have been off the steroid cream now for 2 weeks and am having the worst breakout of my life. Deep cystic on my chin and some little bumps in different areas of my face. Also my pores just look bigger, and my skin is more rough. So my question is:

has anyone been on Doxepin before, and has it worsened their acne/skin? Or is this more likely from the steroids. And if its more likely from the steroids, how long does it take for the body to normalize?

The Doxepin has really helped with the itching and thus I don't want to go off, but this break out is for the birds!!!

Thank you ahead for any wisdom!!

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