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Salicylic Acid & Mandelic Acid


I am new to the board but have been reading some topics in depth and have a rough understanding of the different acid's on offer and what they do.

I am male and live in the UK and I suffer from blackheads on the face (especially the nose) and want to eliminate them! I have seen another topic about sebaceous filaments and I am fairly sure they are not since alot of them have permanently gone and not all are the same size.

I have just received some Salicylic Acid from Ebay, which contains the acid, cotton pads, exfoliating pads, neutraliser and I bought some moisturiser cream aswell.

I have used it once using the exfoliation method and has good results with it, so next time I think I will use the peel method of leaving it on for 2 mins, then one week apart use it again and add a minute to each session until I reach 10, then maybe try a different strength.

I also saw a topic about mandelic acid, a member on here 'LionQueen' who said she had been using a similar type of acid and said that Diana Yvonne Mandelic Acid 15% Serum was good to buy if you do not use retinoids and have oily skin, to which I comply, I could only get 16% as they seem to have discontinued the other one.

But what I am unsure about is whether I can use the two acids together, also there was no instructions so I am unsure as to how to apply and whether I need a neutraliser.

Can anyone shed some advice?



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