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40mg tane daily - is this a low dose?

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Hi all :D

I am new to the forum...I have just collected my first tane tablets and am on 40mg a day. I will be going back in two months to see my derm for a review and to get two months more of tablets. I have been searching around on the forum, and was wondering whether the dose I'm on is a low one? The derm said to me that the dose is all depended on weight. I have seen people on much higher doses on the board...is 40mg the lowest dose?

I guess I am just so excited to finally be on accutane that Im hoping this dose will be effective! Also how long did your course last?

Big hugs!


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It depends on your weight (and likely your gender but I'm not sure about that). I think the standard seemed to be 1mg per 1kg of weight (you can do the conversion from lb to kg). So if you weight 80kg (I think that's close to 180) normal is about 80/mg a day.

However I think most Derms like to start you light then move you up as you progress. I read a lot of the forum posts here and elsewhere and some folks get put on huge dosage and they seem to be the ones with the biggest side effects, so I'm a fan of starting light. But don't trust what you read always here, everyone's experience is different and body/bloodwork and things are a factor, so no matter what just follow your Derm's advice.

And if it's any indication, I weigh just over 180 and I just started a second course at 40mg/day.

Good luck.

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I weigh only about 120 pounds and I started at 40mg a day. While I was on that dose i didn't have too many side effects so my doc bumped me to 60mg/day for 2 months. 40mg/day seems to be about a starting dose from what I've heard. My acne was 90% gone after the 3 months so my doc put me on 80mg/day for 3 weeks, only a week and a half to go!

My advice would be to get some seriously gentle cleanser, good moisturizer and invest in good lip balm, because after a few weeks you will definitely need it.

Also, a lot of people talked about an initial acne breakout, I never got one, my face got a little bit more red, definitely more dry, but my acne started going away after a few weeks, and never got worse. Good luck!

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Hellloo I was on accutance about 2 years ago and I was on 40mg. Im female and approx 130 pounds and it cleared me right up, i took a few months for definate results but it did the trick for me.

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