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I figured I owed it to fellow acne sufferers to write this post and bang the drum for benzoyl peroxide – since it literally has changed my life.

1. First I wet my face with hot water and dab it dry

2. I then apply a finger full of panoxyl aquagel 2.5 benzoyl peroxide (though I am sure any gel with BP would be fine, it is just this is the cheapest)

3. After spreading it across my face, avoiding the eyes, I leave it to dry.

4. I then add ‘bulldog moisturiser’ – though you have to fine the right one for you – which stops the flaking.

5. at night I do the same thing as in the morning but without the moisturiser.

I wish I discovered this ten years ago when I was going through hell, but there it is, better late than never. People still stare at my scars, but hopefully that will heal in time – I will never take this for granted. GOOD LUCK my friends.




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Same here brotha! I believe BP is superior to any other acne cream out there. The more potent, the better. The BP eats right to the core of a pimple and in a matter of days there is nothing left but skin particles.

I also recommend people use AHA as an exfoliator. After a year or so of continuous use, all your acne spots will be history.

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new here...i've been on perscription benzaclin for several years now. but my insurance no longer covers it and i can't afford it anymore...been reading alot on these boards. I'd really like to try panoxyl aquagel in 2.5%. but i don't know where to buy it?

Are you in the US, seems like everyone who says they're using the panoxyl are in the UK... Where do you buy it?

Congrats on your success with the BP! I'm hoping I can have similar results, but am nervous about going off a perscription product that has been the only thing to work for me in my 10+ year struggle with acne....

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: ok i'm dumb, just saw it says you are from england. i guess that answered my question. anyone know where you can buy this in the US? i'm not really comfortable buying from some random unknown website pretending to be a pharmacy...

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bp I believe messed up my skin and clogged my pores up so much that I have sebaceous filaments that imo are much worse then anything else because they always come back. So thanks bp you f'd up my life forever

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I'm glad it has worked for you.

I've been on the regimen since 20th of October and new breakouts are almost non-existent, and if new pimples form they are much smaller and fade quicker then before.

I'm quite confident that with time and proper use the BP will be able to clear me up if not completely then at least considerable.

But it does take time, some people get clear quicker then others but one shouldn't judge the effect of a BP treatment for acne until at least 8 weeks of using it.

Patience and discipline are what is required if people want to try BP in treating acne.

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I wasn't too big of a fan of BP. I found that it really doesn't do stuff for whiteheads, only the big painful pimples. Plus it just left my skin extremely red and irritated all the time. I do admit that it kept the big red painful pimples away though, but that's not really my skin problem (mainly whiteheads).

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