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Hello! I'm new to the site and entering month 4 on Accutane. I was wondering what products work best. I'm using Cerave hydrating cleanser, Cetaphil daily advance ultra hydrating lotion (moisturizer), and Aquafor for my lips. All of those have been working wonders for me. My face isn't nearly as dry as my derm said it would be, and my lips are dry but not blistery or anything too bad. I have recently developed flaky and dry hair, itches so much..any recommendations on shampoos and conditioners to use? The only other side effects I've developed has been joint/bone pain. Mostly in my hips, lower back, and knees. I've had pain in most of those areas but it is even worse now. Will be going to see the derm soon and will ask about any supplements to take or whether I should be taking some. Any info on anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I get some random joint pains (Also got them before starting accutane)-I just take a few ibuprofen and try to chill out. Helps take any pain away. I also do Yoga when Im feeling extra stiff to keep everything flexible. I've heard fish oil helps but I haven't really tried it.

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Try Dr. Dans cortibalm for your lips. It is incredible stuff and a lot easier than applying aquaphor during the day. Aquaphor is great before you go to bed, but Dr. Dan's is more like a balm thats easy to apply throughout the day and it works WONDERS.

I never found anything to get rid of my flaky scalp, but Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo helped minimized it and made the annoying itch go away. It smells pretty awful but you'll get used to it and its a lot better than having an annoying itch a long with TONS of dry scalp flaking out all the time.

I used Cerave for my face and that was excellent. Cetaphil made my face look too greasy.

I used Cocoa Butter for my body after I got out of the shower.

And I used Omega 3 for the first 2 months of treatment but then ran out so I stopped. I never really had joint pain during my course but I did have mild back pain. I can't say for sure if it helped or not, but Omega 3-6-9 is really good for your body and benefits your skin too as it has anti-inflamatory properties. Be careful to not take too much though because it can thin your blood.

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