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Ok so I'm sure this is not a new question by any means, and neither is my situation.

Here's the rundown, been going to a dermatologist since I was 10, steadily and progressively has gotten worse since then (obviously!) I, (like most girls with acne) have just about become a makeup artist when it comes to covering up my acne, and have managed to keep a decent amount of self confidence most days.

Beyond that, nothing has ever worked for me, beyond antibiotics- but that stopped working and I hit a plateau at about the two year mark with those.... and i KNOW my body can't be liking that steady dosage of it.

Regardless, and more to the point, I am going to venture out and try something new. I know everyone responds to everything differently, and there is no definitive way to predict which treatment will work best, but I would like to get everyone's opinions, whether you have tried one or both of these options, or just done the research. I want it all. : )

PDT vs Accutane....

My insurance will cover both-

but my dermatologists just seem to keep passing me off one to another. 4 all mentioned and tried to convince me of accutane, but 2 others seems to think the PTD would be best... honestly I'm at a loss, i just want to try SOMETHING.... and I'd like to try the less risky first, so in all honesty I'm leaning toward PDT.... but the allure of accutane is the promise of a more permanents solution, and a beautiful complexion. Although the route to getting there seems a bit more miserable!

I truly just want to leave the house without makeup, to feel beautiful inside and out, and.... having my face stop constantly hurting REALLY wouldn't be that bad either. ; )

Done rambling, thanks for your time and I appreciate your feedback and comments!

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i know what you mean about wanting to feel beautiful inside and out. i wish for that feeling all the time.

remember accutane is the LAST resort for your skin, so i would try the PDT first.

try searcing it on google, for the succes rates, down time, pictures.

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