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so depressing

Hey guys,

I just feel so upset.

I've been struggling with acne for quite a while now.

Since I was about 16. I've had about a year of clear skin about 2 years ago when I was on the obagi products, but I think my skin must have gotten used to it, because for the past 2 years I've just been struggling so bad. It seems I always have to have a minimun of 4 active pimples, and this combined with the scarring and redness on the rest of my face looks just horrible. Many of my pimples turn into whiteheads, which are impossible to cover up and hurt and are point.

I've been doing laser treatments which have just about made me broke and used up all my savings (cost about $4000) by now.

I have also been on clindoxyl.

Right now I am trying Dr. Renauds clear up skin products, it's a 3 step process. And this has not been too helpful either.

I am currently on a birth control called Cyestra, which is supposed to help with acne and hormones.

I am so sick of tired of this. I'm sick of not feeling comfortable going out in the day time. Not being comfortable being under bright lights. Not being able to sleep over at my friends house becuase I don't want to wash my face infront of them. Not wanting my boyfriend to come close to me. Flinching when people see me under proper lighting. Scared about sweating my makeup off.

Does anyone have any advice for me??

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hello , sad to know that .i m also go through the same condition my gf left me saying "i look like a monster'. that time i was so hurted i didnot go for college 2weeks.but after some time acne r gone .i have tried proactive .hope it helps u .keep in touch

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Well that is true. What I have learnt is not to use only one product to for example, moisturize the skin because the skin got use to it. In your case, as a woman you should research this site and try to find a solution to your problem: my advice is to research antioxidants (supplements, in food), fatty acids (I change to Linoleic acid for instance, in grape seed oil for salads, I use moisturizer, two brands, both of them to restore skin lipids and I use Salycilic Acid on the spot (to avoid Inflammation) and just a little tiny thin layer of BP 2,5% in strongholds. Research about zinc and Avene products. So read about those topics because I believe you can reduce your acne break outs.

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