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My personal log from day 62 and on..

Hey everyone So as you can tell I have already started the regimen but obviously I'm not clear yet so I'm going to keep this log so I and others can see my progress.

So I'll start off with telling you all a little about myself. I'm not exactly new to the boards. I've come here for the past couple of years reading/searching info. I first started breaking out when I was 13 but i probably wouldn't even say I had acne until I was about 17. And even then it wasn't awful. I'm 22 now and my skin has never been this bad. Even before I was 17 i used many things such as proactive, antibiotics, and topicals like klaron and benzaclin. Each worked for me decently because I didn't have really bad skin. But i would always stop because I was clear and I would break out again. From 17-now I have tried septra, accutane(for short periods of time), birth control, retin-A plus random products like enzyme masks/salicylic peels ect. I also would like to say I'm a licensed esthetician. I've had my license for a year and haven't put it to use because of my skin. It really sucks because you can't have bad skin with that career for obvious reasons. Its not lack of knowledge on my part because i think i have a pretty good understanding of how my body works and why I'm breaking out. Its just about controlling it because it has progressively gotten worse. I believe that its a combination of overuse of antibiotics/putting stuff on my face when i didnt need it/poor nutrition(which caused hormal imbalance and candida problems most likely)/stress is why i have acne. Now I am trying to get clear so I can finally get a job. I'm really hoping this regimen works but i don't plan on using it longer than a year because i also will be completely changing my diet, which started 3 months ago. So now thats over with I will tell you about my progress so far..

I won't be adding pictures for now because I'm kind of a wimp but I may once i clear up so you can see my improvement.

week 1: my skin improved quite a bit. but i was also eating very healthy. my skin was a little dry.

week 2: my skin was still improving but i broke out a little bit. my skin got a little more dry and red.

week 3-now: i broke out more then i thought i would and i keep breaking out. but overall my skin has improved. Its just extremely scarred. All of my clogged pores basically came out while my skin was purging. my diet also got worse so thats probably a factor.

so now my skin is still pretty red and its week 10 day 62 I think. Its really dry so i started using jojoba oil last week. Its helped with the dryness but i think it might be breaking me out a little more. I guess i'll use it longer and see.

so acne wise on my left cheek i have 5 pimples. some are small so you cant see them. and on my right i have 3 but i feel like a couple might be coming. and 3 on my forehead.

i forgot to mention on my forehead im using epiduo and a pha cream because i wanted to see if the regimen or that would work better. both are working pretty equally but i needed more exfoliation on my forehead because i had clogged pores.

tonight im going to try the jojoba oil exfoliation hoping it doesnt make my skin worse.

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