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modified regimen report - help for flaking/makeup

I posted recently and mentioned that I planned on modifying the regimen to see how it goes. (Note that I also mentioned a job interview... and I have the second one this Friday! Yay!)

What I have done is very simple. I chopped the regimen in half.

So in the morning I wash gently, but not as gentle as possible as that lack of exfoliation from super-duper gentle doesn't work well for me. I use a very mild, no-chemical cleanser (It is called Free and Clear; you can get in online for about $10 and it lasts a really long time like probably six months). Then apply jojoba gently mixed with moisturizer. Then basic makeup.

Another thing I did is add about 3 drops of tea tree oil to a mix of my morning moisturizer and jojoba oil. I did this to continue some kind of antiseptic benefits in the daytime (good for the blemishes that could be related to bacteria of some sort), and to make sure there are not microbes growing in that mixture for the morning routine. (Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities.)

Please note on Tea Tree Oil - If you decide to work with tea tree oil I recommend getting some that is specifically for use on the face. You can buy it in the vitamin section and it is cheaper there but this kind is a bit stronger and more harsh... less purified maybe, based on how my skin reacts to it. So for a gentler experience with tea tree (a little goes a long way) I suggest getting it in the facial cleansing section of the store.

In the evenings I am following the regimen as suggested by Daniel. As soon as I get home for the day I wash my face, apply jojoba and slather on the BP so it stays on a nice chunk of the day.

How this modified regimen is helping:

~ No flakes!

~ Easier for skin to adjust to BP so no redness, burning, irritation

~ Makeup glides on like it did before instead of looking dull and flaky due to all the extra stuff on my face

I note that my skin looks like it has dried up a beneficial amount. So no flakes but the blemishes seem to be zapped of moisture.

I may add the morning BP at some point but the redness and peeling were a no-go at that time.


Easy way to make sure you don't increase inflammation-- apply your BP and moisturizer with one hand. Put some of the substance in one hand and use the other one to apply it. Doing it with one hand keeps me from rushing and applying it in a harsher way.


So this modification of the regimen is helping with my former short-term issues with redness, irritation, dryness and flaking. I was not ready to deal with that part of the transition as I don't want things to get too terribly crazy as they improve. Baby steps for me.

Note that my skin also does not seem any worse so far in doing it this way. I do still have some blemishes but they look like they are clearing at the moment.

I plan to stick with this modified regimen a little longer to see how it works over a longer period of time.

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