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need help with frequent problem...please help!

i'm a 27 year old male, but has only really become a problem the last couple of years...i'm at wits end trying to figure out how to stop what i believe is inflammation blotches on my forehead and sometimes my cheeks...i'll try to describe it as best as i can

it usually occurs on my forehead, but sometimes on my cheeks...it seems to be lil white heads/clogged pores...and all of a sudden they will randomly become inflamed and cause a decent size red blotch a few centimeters around them (size of a quarter or more)...the inflamation therefore is very noticable.....i can be sitting at work and feel a spot on my forehead start to itch, so i walk over to the mirror and there will be a big red inflammed blotch spot there

what causes this?.....what can i do to prevent this?

currently i usually wash my face with cetaphil antibacterial bar soap twice a day...and thats about it.....my forehead and nose are usually always oily, while the rest of my face is typically dry in the winter, but okay in the summer...i've tried to stay aways from as much acne treatments (oxy, bp, etc) because it makes my skin really oily from overdrying...i've tried peel masks, mint masks, face scrubs and it always seems to recurrer

i've heard that taking asprin or dropping a few eye drops on it will reduce the redness, anyone try this?


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