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Here we go..(Again)

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So, in about a month, I'm going to start Accutane (or Claravis). Just gotta wait for the two negative pregnancy tests and my lab before I can begin. I'm gonna try to not blab too much, we'll see how that goes, but let me give you a little background information to start. I've been on Accutane twice. Yes, that's right..twice. I don't regret one single thing about it. My body took it very well, with mild side- affects of dry lips and, occasionally, nose. I'm deciding to try this for a third time because it worked so well for me. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, else works for me. I've tried everything. I'm currently only 18, and before I started my first round of Accutane I had acne for as long as I could remember. I didn't know what it felt like to have clear skin. And after those first six month of Accutane were up, I finally knew what it felt like for my skin to be clear and soft! I can't even describe it. Compliments were thrown at me from left to right. I loved it. Soon after, I'd say about two months or so, my acne came back. This time it definitely wasn't as worse, but I didn't like it. So I went on Accutane for a second time, knowing that if I just drug it out and tried other antibiotics or creams, nothing would fix. Second time, just like the first, worked wonderfully. I stopped my second treatment of Accutane May of this year. Beautiful results, until up to about two months ago, or so. Even now, I just break out around my mouth, but it can get pretty bad. The good thing is, my acne has changed. It's no longer all over my face, making myself and doc satisfied with the results and willing to go on for a third time. After having acne for more than 6 years, I'm ready for it to be permanently gone and I believe that Accutane can make that happen.

With that said, the pictures you're gonna see are probably going to look mild to most people. I'm sure there's gonna be people wishing that all they had were some pimples around their mouth, wondering why I'm here, why I'm complaining, and why I'm on Accutane. But trust me, it affects me. I struggle with self-confidence because of acne (a lot or a little). I've struggled for years with this. And I'm hoping some will follow me on the (HOPEFULLY! :dance: ) last part of my journey with Accutane.

Pictures will be posted soon!

Also, any questions about the Accutane process in general? Feel free to ask :)

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