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In dire need of a good cleanser/moisturizer

I actually had an account here before but forgot my name/email -_-''.. Im 25yr old asian male who grew up having good skin until just a 1 year ago....

I first started getting pimples/acne a year ago.... It all started when I used Kiehls "face whitening" cleanser because I had some hyperpigmentation....big mistake as my skin started to get super oily and I started an all out break out.

I researched online and found out the Menscience% brand and purchased the face lotion, cleanser and scrub....It all worked out fine and I ran out of it. Then my skin started to break out to the max and I finally went to see a dermatologist. He put me on doxy and retin-a micro .1% and I was on Doxy for 5 monthes. It reduced everything and currently I have no pimples/acne...except for some hyperpigmentation

Here is where the problem is.....just a month ago I started to notice how freaking oily my skin started to get. To a point where I can FEEL my pores producing so much oil!... My skin has really changed because of Retin A. After I wash, my face gets super dry and sensitive so fast and I put on lotion quickly. The problem then starts that I have oily and dry patches all over my face and it starts to flake off! -_-..

I stopped using the scrub because it was SO harsh...Also at night, when I use the cleanser and dry my face, it gets dry super fast. The "pea size" amount of retin A micro would not cover one of my cheeks as it would absorb it so fast. I have to use a lot of retin a micro to cover my whole face. This morning was the end of the line, as my face was super red and I was embarassed to be at school.......

Current Regimen


Menscience daily face wash- glycolic acid, sallcylic acid, aloe

Menscience Oil free lotion- AHA, BHA, hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A,C,E


Menscience daily face wash- glycolic acid, sallcylic acid, aloe

Retin-A micro .1 %

I have tried Cetaphil (burned my face), Spectro Gel, Anthony logistics, Kiehls, Jack Blacks and what not....And its not just a one week thing, I have actually used the products for the duration...

so in conclusion....I am begging ANYONE...any male who has a good cleanser/moisturizer combo please lemme know... Im researching now on Baxter of California, DermaDoctor..and what not..

1. Should I be using a gentle cleanser at night along with my retin A micro? Like a ph balanced cleanser?

2. Should I use retin-a micro every other night? Should I only use it for spot treatment? Currently I do not have pimples/acne.

3. Whats a good cleanser and moisturizer? Oil free, fragrance free, hypo, non-cosmdenaic and all that lingo....

4. Does the winter weather affect my Retin-a regimen?

Thank you for listening to my unorganized rant/plea...its very depressing that I have taken Doxy to clean my whole face....now after a blood test my doctor wants me to come in to discuss the lack of "good bacteria" in my stomach because of Doxy....and I cant even find a good cleanser/moisturizer combo....dam man...

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I would recommend the Liz Earle range...all gentle and natural ingredients. I believe that acne prone skin is often sensitive and we acne sufferers tend to treat our skin quite harshly at times.

The basic products I would recommend are the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (they do a men's one - it's exactly the same as the original women's one but in different colour packaging) and the Liz Earle Superskkin moisturiser though your budget may not stretch to it as it is quite pricey.

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try this lotion from Rejuvi, P Normalizing cream only $17.00 free shipping


it helps neutrilize the oil glands on skin...caution, it burns, but no pain no gain right? good luck!

it worked for me =)

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i suggest looking into DDF Sensitive Skin cleansing gel. its VERYYYY GENTLE. yet cleans effectively. im on accutane so my skin is extremely sensitive. i also recommend cerave moisturizing lotion or cream. both are good. and very gentle and non-comedogenic. none of those will break u out. if u find u need more moisture try adding a drop of jojoba oil to the cerave. (desert essence is a good brand for that) um. as far as retin a. i would wash morning and night, moisturize after u wash. then at night or every other night apply a SMALLL! PEA SIZED amount of retin a to ur entire face. make sure u spread it out really thin

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