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Acuttane and stomach issues - looking for advice

Hi there,

Have suffered with acne for a loooong time. Finally found a very good

Dermatologist that prescribed me low dose acuttane @ 10mg/day. I am a

115 lb female.

After 3 weeks on generic brand - claravis- I started getting

Stomach rumblings, a bit of constipation and gas - the pill was working

So well I really didn't want to stop but I did because I was frightened of long term damage. Called my doctor she said stop if you have cramps or diarrhea which I did not.

So it's been two weeks since then and stomach is still not 100% but not bad.

What should I do? My oil is starting to return which sucks!!

Maybe if I go on the name brand? Seems like such a rare effect especially with a low dose?!

Any insight is appreciated...


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Have you been taking your pill with food and liquid? Never ever take it on its own. Since starting my course, I've always taken it with a big, healthy meal and one or two glasses of water, and I haven't had any stomach problems.

If you're already doing that, though, call your derm about it for suggestions.

I'm on a generic too, by the way. It's the same drug - that shouldn't make a difference.

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