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Help ! Does this product work for you ?

Um. So I bought this acne cream awhile ago, Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action pimple Cream, I used it once and it made my acne even worse, or that's how it seemed since they started swelling up, which took three months to get rid of, so then I never used it after that, but just wondering.. Does this product work for anyone else ?

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I was just going to ask the same question to the board..

Today I recently purchased Clearasil extreme acne treatment cream because it's main ingredient is a 5% BP and since I couldn't find Dan's recommended Neutrogena spot treatment.. i went with this. Well I applied it for the first time tonight and it felt great initially.. but about 4 hours later I am feeling that swelling almost painful feeling you sometimes get with your acne.

I wasn't sure if it meant it was bringing stuff up, or if it was just making my acne worse.. The past couple nights i've been coating my outbreaks with Calamine lotion which dries it up and doesn't irritate my skin at all. So just to be safe I put my lotion on.

Anyone have further information on the clearasil acne treatment products????

I don't know if this helps?? I'll update you if i hear of anything else with these types of products.

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