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Moor Mask log

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okay, so here it goes :cool:

I received my Moor Mask, about 6 days ago. The website is http://www.moormask.com/

I wanted to try something all natural, after a round of Murad making my skin very very red and irritated (although, it made my skin smooth...)

The product claims that after a 21 day normalisation period, your skin will be fine. And that purging can ocur up to 14 days after the first application. ugh.

After regretting this purchase immensely after I received it (ahhh, another scam!!) I am willing to try it out. The funny thing is that I kind of enjoy the whole of process of painting my face with this goop and then spritzing it for 10 mins. I wish that I could do it twice a day but going to follow the once a day thing.

I can say that already that my skin is feeling a little more balanced, but it is honestly difficult to tell visually at this point. When i wash off the mask at night, my skin does feel kinda nourished, and glowy, so its nice.

It hasn't made my skin smoother, though.

Right now I am dealing with many tiny pimples all over my forehead, several painful to the touch ones on the front of my face, plenty of redness on my chin and nose area, and small pimples on my chin and few on my cheeks. Basically the worst breakout in a very, very long time.

I have to say, though, that two painful pimples, have dried up quite nicely since using this product. I don't pick the big guys anymore, so i am not sure if they were about to die or the mask helped....

I just thought I would post to record this for myself, and to let y'all know to avoid this product, or recommend it.

As for cleansing, I am using Purity from Philosophy, and their moisturiser Hope in a Jar. Oh, and I just bought Lancome Tient Idole Makeup, and I love it. great coverage!!!

If this does not work I am totally going to go back to Murad....and just use tons of makeup.


Katy B.

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